Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exercise, or, "You Gotta Wanna*"

I'll say it over and over: depression is exhausting. All my life I've been a very low-energy person. I hoped this would improve along with my mood, but it hasn't, particularly. Some of that is drug-related; I have a friend who swears her antidepressants make her sluggish, and I know that a dozen years of lithium treatment have seriously damaged my thyroid.

I've known for a long time, at least at an intellectual level, that the way to make energy is to exercise, and I even understood it when I'd attempt exercise for short periods of time. But then something would come along, I'd skip the exercise, and I'd start to drag.

Finally, I think, this summer it is truly sinking in: my elliptical machine is a generator. My feet are generators, when I can use them.

I had yet another scattered, unproductive day at work today, so I swore to myself I would exercise when I got home. I start up an old tv sitcom, and move for 25 minutes. It's good for me.

It made me realize that I really have built a whole collection of techniques to manage my mood; writing this blog will help me identify them. Exercise is the most recent one, and very important. I hope I've finally learned that lesson.

* A George Carlin line - Thank you, Mr. Carlin

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